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more than 15000 sequins - 4 km of thread - 300 working hours per tail

designed and handmade with love in belgium

odycea hybrid tail design

​Odycea Studios' tails are a combination of Lexie’s & Celine’s style of tails they made throughout the years. Working together with their own technics, they created a one of a kind hybrid mermaid tail style !
Their mission ? To create together with you the tail of your dreams !

the tail of your dreams

With their wide selection of different colors of sequins, their 2 different shapes of scales and their experience with Dragon Skin Premium silicone, Celine & Lexie will be able to create THE tail you always dreamed of, customised to your provided measurements, color choices and added fins.

Please keep in mind that we do not duplicate previous designs.

production process and pricing

The making process of our tails takes a lot of work (well, sewing sequins one by one takes time obviously), that's why we are taking limited orders. If there isn't a spot available at the time you send your email, please try again later.

The production time can vary depending on the customers' requests (added fins, other options etc... for example).

Odycea's high performance hybrid tails start at €5000.

A non-refundable deposit of €1500 will be asked before production starts.

After the final payment has been received the tail will be sent to you, please keep this in mind.

first step to place your order

Starting on Monday August 3rd 2020, you'll be able to fill in a contact form on this page with as much information about your tail as you want. If you want to be ready at that moment, make sure you’re prepared and have all your info ready to fill in or copy/paste ;)

The first 3 emails we will receive will be the 3 lucky customers.

This is done on a “first come, first serve” basis, you will receive a reply with a first estimate about the final costs from Celine & Lexie. After the first deposit has been paid (you'll have 7 days after our mail with the estimated costs has been sent), your spot will be confirmed.

Not sure what you want? No worries, Lexie & Celine are here to help you create the tail that best suits your personality, style and taste. So don’t hesitate to ask for our advice.

Please make sure you have the funds available when you confirm.

Okay, so you've got all that ? Let's go and get that dream tail of yours !

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