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the odycea mermaids

celine & lexie

Celine & Lexie are two professional mermaid performers from Belgium and France. They are more than best friends, they are "mersoulmates" ! That's why they decided to unify their skills and creativity to lauch Odycea Studios !


So how about some introductions :

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Picture by Florine Jonnekin Photographie

Celine is a Belgian and full-time professional mermaid since back 2006. She is certified as a Open Water Diver and practices mermaiding weekly.

She graduated in the Performing Arts in Brussels, 2014 to pursue her acting dreams. She has done several Musicals like Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella, and appeared in several tv shows and movies.

Celine also creates and makes her beautiful high performance sequins tails and tops since 2004.


She’s a creative spirit who dreams of travelling the world as a performing artist.

She also has big dreams : she always keeps trying and never gives up. This is a mantra she tries to live by with all her heart, she stands for doing what she loves in life.


Picture by Florine Jonnekin Photographie

Lexie is a French and full-time professional mermaid since back 2016. She is certified 1st PADI and AIDA Freediver and practices mermaiding weekly.

She graduated as a Graphic Designer in 2012 and also as a Fashion Designer back in 2015.
Lexie is a creative mermaid. She spends her time creating and handmaking : from high performance silicone tails since 2015 to accessories such as seashell crowns, mermaid dresses, drawings etc...

Lexie loves Nature and gets her energy from practicing relaxation, bellydance, freediving and, of course, swimming.

As an eternal dreamer, she enjoys the simple things in life and truly believes that it's possible to reach anything through strong motivation, perseverance and optimism.

Celine & Lexie met in 2017, during a Mermaid meetup in Paris. The two quickly became very close, are both big Disney and cat lovers, share the same ideas, philosophy and love for their job. They started talking about launching a tail making company that year already and now, years later, those dreams became reality.

Picture by Focus Live

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